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From the Darkness to the Light

Instilling Hope for the Future

Freedom In Choices offers Mental Health Services in Twin Falls, Idaho. Our focus is to help people obtain meaningful lives in recovery!

Freedom In Choices is passionate about reducing the negative impact caused by mental illness. We fight for stigma reduction!

Office Hours

Monday 8am-4pm

Tuesday 8am-4pm

Wednesday 8am-4pm

Thursday 8am-4pm

Friday 8am-4pm

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed

Day Program Hours

Monday 9:00am-1:00pm

Wednesday 9:00-1:00pm

Thursday 9:00am-1:00pm

*After hour or weekend appointments are available upon special request.


Twin Falls, ID 83301

Welcome to the Possibility of Change!

Do you want something to be different in your life? Do you want to be able to better manage your stress/anxiety, persistent depression, chronic mental or physical illness? If you are overwhelmed, struggling with how to move forward in your life or need some emotional balance, you are not alone. People often seek therapy when something in their world is no longer working for them. At Freedom In Choices, we can help you:

  • Recognize and interrupt thought and behavior patterns that interfere with your happiness
  • Learn tools that will help you stabilize and manage emotions before they escalate and get out of control
  • Modify maladaptive and self-destructive thoughts and behaviors
  • Learn Distress Tolerance, so you can "feel" pain and be able to "sit" with it.
  • Challenge negative and irrational thinking
  • Learn strategies to manage stress and everyday frustrations
  • Identify the obstacles that are holding you back from the life you really want
  • Understand the ways in which earlier events and experiences have shaped your view of yourself, others, and the world.
  • Focus on the present using mindfulness skills so that you are not dwelling in the past or frantic about the future.
  • Find inner calm and tranquility
  • Find new ways of relating with one's own self as well as with family, friends and colleagues.
  • Gain greater clarity and balance and expand your potential for making more productive choices
  • Help to establish a profound, meaningful and healthy sense of connectedness with your world and those in it.
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